rates & policies

45 minute Class  = $65.00 per month
30 minute Class = $45.00 per month
$5 off each additional class that you add

Unlimited Classes - Once a student is enrolled in 6 classes per week, there is no charge for additional classes.

Unlike other dance studios, Step 2 This Dance does not charge a registration fee!

Step 2 This Dance Studio
-  Multiple Classes -  Discounts are available for students who are enrolled in multiple classes per week. 
-  Family Discount -  Families with more than 1 immediate family member enrolled in multiple classes per week receive a sibling discount of 15% off. 
-  Advance Payment -  A 5% discount is available if payment for the entire dance season is made at time of registration. (no refunds available) .
Your first month's tuition is due at the time of registration. Future tuition payments are due by the 1st of the month.
Tuition reserves your spot in class. It is not calculated on a month to month basis, prices are based on the season. We have accounted for all holidays and 
extra weeks through out the season. Tuition is the same amount each month no matter how many classes fall in that month. 
Our standard method of payment is through the "Auto Payment" system. On the 1st of the month, we will automatically deduct tuition for you. With your busy lives, you never have to worry about getting to the studio to pay it on time to avoid the late fees.
We do take checks or cash, please call the studio for details.
There is a $45 fee for returned checks.
Payment of tuition is required to reserve your students placement in class.

There are no refunds for missed classes, instead we offer a makeup class for any missed class. You have 2 weeks to makeup any missed classes. From October-March Makeup classes  will only be 50% of the class. Classes are working on rectial routines for the winter show and our June show. There will be no makeup classes avilable after March 31st. Makeup classes are not avilable for missed classes due to a holiday.
Tuition is due and payable in full each month whether the student has attended all scheduled classes or not.
If your family is taking a vacation or will be absent for more than a week, we will need at least 2 weeks written notice prior to absence in order to keep placement in the class(es) for your student. If we don't know what is going on, we will assume that your student is not returning and open his or her spot up to children who are on our waiting list.
Tuition will not be pro-rated for any reason.
Tuition and any fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Unpaid and late accounts may result in Step 2 This keeping dance costumes and dance pictures until account is paid to date. 
If you pay for classes that you do not attend or drop a class, tuition and registration fees will not be refunded for any reason. Example: If you wish to drop class(es) during the month and tuition has already been paid for that month, there will be no refund for any remaining classes that the student did not attend for that month only.
Throughout the season, students may miss class due to illness or other reasons; we also know that vacations are an important family function. We only ask that you consider your students dance class with responsibility.
Please call the studio if your dancer is not going to attend class due to illness so teacher can plan accordingly.
If you are planning a vacation, please give us two weeks written notice so we can plan accordingly.
We ask that you consider your students dance class an important part of their weekly life. One of our goals is to teach children the importance of responsibility and commitment.
It is important for each and every dancer to know that dance is a commitment. When students come to class on a regular basis, their level will improve. This will give them confidence. Confidence will in turn give them power to complete their goals. They will learn about responsibility and commitment while working as a team.
If they do not attend class on a regular basis they will always be trying to catch up. This will discourage them from wanting to attend and it will create frustration. The other team members may also get discouraged, as well as the teacher who will have to repeat instruction.
WATER - We suggest that students bring a water bottle with them to class. It is so very important to stay hydrated.
DANCE BAG - We suggest that you purchase a bag for your dancer and keep shoes, water and hair accessories in it at all times. Have your dancer check it before he or she comes to dance. This will help teach them the importance of being prepared and organized
HAIR - It is very important that your dancers hair be in a bun or a tight ponytail. Hair is a big distraction for a dancer. When it is out of the way, their focus is on dancing and not trying to keep their hair out of the face!
BATHROOM - We ask that your dancer use the bathroom before and after class. For the little ones it can be a chain effect, if one needs to use it, then they all want to. So that class time can be productive, please take your little one to the bathroom before class.
PROPER CARE OF DANCE SHOES - We ask that all dancers bring their dance shoes in a bag or carry them into class. Dance shoes are to be worn only on the dance floor! Please do not wear dance shoes outside where there is grease, dirt, gum and all kinds of things that can be stepped on. Cement can break down the leather on the bottom of the shoe and create holes. If you only wear your dance shoes on the dance floor, it will extend the life of the shoe. Tip: Many girls wear their dance shoes and then put big slippers on when they go outside. Cute idea!