our studio

Step 2 This Dance & Performing Arts was founded in Oakley, California in August 2002. Since then, we have become an award-winning performing arts studio with a dance program that enriches the lives of both recreational and competitive dancers.

Our family-oriented, positive atmosphere helps to build self-esteem and the love of dance. We believe through dance, children can learn values necessary in becoming happy, healthy adults.

believe in yourself & dance like no one is watching you!!

the rewards of dance

One of the most important things dance does is build "self-esteem". Children have to grow emotionally as well as physically, and dance can help them develop a positive self-image and become much more confident. Any child who feels as if he or she is contributing to the team effort will acquire a healthy self-esteem.

One of the great rewards of dance is socializing. Dance gives children the chance to make new friends in a stimulating environment. It is a testament to the power of dance that many of these friendships can last through adult life.

Setting Goals
Dance helps everyone achieve personal objectives, and to experience self-satisfaction when they rise to a challenge. 

Balance in Life
Along the way we must remember to balance fun and work, children love to have fun, they embrace it, with this balance they will combine the two and know what Ying and Yang are all about!

Quitting is easy. Anybody can quit. If you have the courage and strength to hang on and refuse to give up, you will succeed in most anything you do in life. If a child gives up in an instance it becomes easier to do so the second time. Pretty soon, quitting becomes a way of life. Each person should do something special with their life, and if they quit, their opportunity to achieve their dream is lost.

Life Skills
When a child has rules to follow, goals to work towards with dedication and commitment, they will learn life skills. They will learn patience and tolerance working as a team. They will learn to respect other peoples differences and build communication skills. They will learn to be comfortable with self expression.